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The rocketmail was one of the very first important, free email services available online. The service was originally a product of Four11 Corporation. For a short period, Rocket Mail sparred with Hotmail for the top spot among free email services. Four11, which comprised Rocket Mail, was purchased by Yahoo! in 1997 for an undisclosed price.

Within this period, the company realized that there were too many competitions in the space and did not have sufficient resources to sustain the growth of its business. It decided to incorporate four solutions - hot email, online diaries, online shopping cart as well as the conventional e-newsletter service. In this manner, it may provide its clients with all these four solutions within a single package, at an affordable price. In this process, the title of Rocket Mail was changed to"chuckster01 member articles" because as many people used the phrase “huckster" in the URL (which is also the name of the company's host) and then added the word “mail" to it, a lot of people would see the word “rocket". So, the business made the URL to coincide with the word “rocket" rather than using the word “rocket" to attract more customers.

The paid service, which is free, enables you to make unlimited, sub-accounts. However, this service is only available for customers who have signed up with the invitation. For the two free services, you can create two free accounts. There is no limit on how many email addresses you can make at no cost.


I attended a Rocket Mail Conference in Mexico a few weeks ago. During the seminar, Rocket Mail introduced the brand new products and I was quite impressed with their approach to promoting and marketing their products. They showed how easy it was to prepare the sub-account feature and how simple it is to use the service. All I had to do was add an invitation and then tell them which category I wanted to market to. From there, they sent me an invite with a link to Mexico stamps.

It was very intriguing to me because they showed how easy it's to use the service and that it didn't take much time to establish the accounts and get everything setup. It was interesting to hear all the statistics they had and how well-targeted their promotions were through their email list. They'd talked about how well-targeted their promotions were and how well-trained their sales representatives were. All these things were very impressive to me.

The whole point of the article was to promote the new product launch which they have planned for July, and their forthcoming second rocket mail campaign. They are targeting a great number of individuals who will be on the market for stamps in Mexico. They're also targeting individuals in the United States, Canada and Europe, but plan on doing quite well in Mexico.

Rocket Mail Login